Daniel, Volume 1: God's Man for the Moment, message series with Bible companion

The unimaginable had happened...or so it seemed.

God’s people had been carried off into captivity. His city, Jerusalem, had been destroyed. His temple had been defiled. And evil had triumphed. But one young man, Daniel, and his three friends knew that reality wasn’t always as it seemed. God was completely in control over what was happening to His people, and He would reveal Himself to Babylon’s pagan kings as the Most High who rules over the universe.

In Daniel, Volume 1: God’s Man for the Moment, Chuck Swindoll will guide you through some of the most familiar stories in the Bible—the fiery furnace, the lions’ den, and the handwriting on the wall—providing fresh insights and reaffirming the sovereignty of God. You will also be encouraged by the truth that one godly life, even in the midst of a godless culture, can make a difference.

Daniel 1-6


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