Consider How Joseph Must Have Felt, single message

This message is part 2 of the series An Imaginative Christmas.

Everybody loves a story. A well-told story holds our interest from start to finish—especially if it includes drama and intrigue, the kind of plot that leaves us...hanging. A story is a picture painted in words. If the words don’t leave brush strokes in the mind, then we haven’t told a story or communicated a message. Mere words are no more a message than a menu a meal or a road map a journey. Spoken words must transform into mental images; that requires imagination. When we see ourselves in the story—as one of the characters, hearing the sounds, seeing the sights, smelling the aromas, and feeling the emotions—then the story “comes to life.” Let’s do that with one of the most overlooked persons in the Christmas account: Joseph.

Matthew 1:18–25

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