A Penetrating Reproof from the Almighty, single message

This message is part 17 of the series Job: A Man of Heroic Endurance.

When God broke the silence, He bolted forth “out of the whirlwind” (38:1). All of us who have waited and ached so long with Job to hear God’s voice can say with a sigh, “Finally!” Most interesting, though, is what God did not do. He didn’t give Job any answers to his questions; nor did He apologize for His long silence. God’s first priority was to make Job’s heart right. To do so, He asked Job 77 questions, which were all designed to give Job a refresher course on who’s in charge. Job’s response reflected three things: humility, relief, and surrender. It was a response that says much to us today.

Job 38:1–40:5

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