Another Long-Winded Monologue, single message

This message is part 16 of the series Job: A Man of Heroic Endurance.

A fourth man, Elihu, now emerged to speak to Job. He had waited for his turn, but once it came he didn’t stop talking until he had delivered what amounts to six chapters in the Bible! Elihu delivered four uninterrupted speeches, which were more effective at the beginning and end than in the middle. His own admission says it all: “I am full of words” (32:18). He was also full of himself. Being younger, he was rash. Being angry, he talked too long. Elihu made four mistakes that are worth analyzing. But in his final speech he delivered some reliable truth, which can be summed up in six words: it is all about our God!

Selections from Job 32–37

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