Birthing the Baby, single message

This message is part 3 of the series From Heaven to Earth: The Story of Christ's Coming.

Celebrities often travel with hundreds of attendants, an entire wardrobe, and luxury amenities.The media announce celebrity visits months ahead and people clamour to catch a glimpse or get their autograph. Rarely do the rich and famous make appearances in their sweats, with no makeup, or with a desire to talk with normal folk about normal things.

How much more did the God of the universe deserve fanfare at His coming?

But Christ didn’t arrive with the flare of trumpets or with flags flying. He didn’t demand an announcement for all the world to hear, though He deserved it. Jesus arrived in the most humble way possible—as a baby.

Take some time to reflect on the nature of Jesus Christ’s incarnation—born to a peasant girl in a smelly barn in an obscure town and worshipped by a few people. This story reveals the character of our Messiah, who humbled Himself to save the people He loved.

Luke 2:1–7

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