To Be Useful and Fruitful, Here's How, single message

This message is part 2 of the series Insights on 2 Peter: Conquering Through Conflict.

At least two things in life are desired by virtually everyone, especially Christians—to be useful and fruitful. Drifting through life in an aimless and unproductive manner is something all of us dread. Perhaps that’s one reason why a lingering illness is so hard to bear. One feels useless and unfruitful. This feeling often strikes the heart of prisoners, particularly those who are new believers. And the elderly frequently sense their value and effectiveness fading as the years roll by. But no one in these situations, or situations like them, need fear being useless or fruitless if he or she is willing to define usefulness and fruitfulness according to Scripture—as 2 Peter shows us.

2 Peter 1:1–11

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