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Paws & Tales DVD 07: Serving Others

Paws & Tales

Using colourful animation, fun characters, and simple lessons, Paws & Tales is an exciting tool for helping build godly character in young children. Based on the Paws & Tales nationally syndicated radio program presented by Chuck Swindoll's Insight for Living, the Paws & Tales videos communicate biblical truth and show kids how to apply it to real life.

Episode 1: To Have and Give Not
After finding a treasure of pirate coins, Gooz has to decide the best way to handle her new-found wealth. Meanwhile, Staci and The Club are at odds on how to spend their club dues (Acts 20:35).

Episode 2: And Then There Were None
After a lesson about King Arthur, The Club decides it should make up some rules of conduct, just like Arthur and his knights. But instead of bringing peace, the rules threaten to divide them all (Mark 10:43-44).


* This DVD features two full-length episodes, music videos, activities for kids, and parent helps
* Approximate running time 50 minutes

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