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Looking Ahead to Things that Last, DVD message

Chuck Swindoll

Change is the watchword of every new generation.

But with every change comes disruption. And few people can live with constant change, especially if they do not have an unchanging core of beliefs. So in an ever-changing world, it's important to pause and ask, “What are the things that are timeless and permanent?” In this DVD, Looking Ahead to Things That Last, Chuck Swindoll points us to the North Star that is God's unchanging Word and concludes that at least three things will endure, regardless of the changes lurking just beyond the horizon.

If your vision has become blurred in the swirl of changing events, then this message is for you. Through it our changeless God will help you see the things that never change.

Approximate running time 50 minutes


* 1 DVD message
* This message is from the DVD series Family Matters: Investing in the Things That Last
* Spanish track included

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