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Revelation—Unveiling the End, Acts 1-3, CD set

Chuck Swindoll

Would you like a front row seat to the end of the world as we know it?

In three acts the book of Revelation places us in the front row, centre stage as the star of history, Jesus Christ, rights all wrongs, punishes evil, and establishes an eternal kingdom of peace and righteousness. Take your seat and be amazed, as the curtain rises on the end of the world as we know it.


  • 40 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

  1. The Apocalypse in Panorama
  2. Prelude to the Unveiling
  3. The Curtain Rises, The Drama Begins
  4. The Church with Everything but the Greatest Thing
  5. The Suffering Church Under Attack
  6. The Church That Compromised the Truth
  7. The Church Where Tolerance Went to Seed
  8. Autopsy of a Dead Church
  9. Little Strength, Open Door, Awesome God
  10. The Church That Nauseates the Lord
  11. Standing Before God’s Awesome Throne
  12. Worthy Is the Lamb
  13. Let the Judgments Begin
  14. More Seals Broken...More Lives Shaken and Taken
  15. An Interlude: Earthly Restraint and Heavenly Worship
  16. First Blasts of the Trumpet
  17. A Glance Back to the Future
  18. Releasing Demons from the Abyss
  19. More Demons, More Deaths, More Defiance
  20. A Strong Angel, a Strange Assignment
  21. Two Fearless, Future Witnesses
  22. The Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
  23. Exposing the Ultimate Evil Empire
  24. Antichrist: The Beast Out of the Sea
  25. Antichrist's Lieutenant: The Beast Out of the Earth
  26. A Surprising Preview of Coming Attractions
  27. God's Terrible, Swift Sword
  28. The Original Temple of Doom
  29. The Final Seven Super Bowls
  30. Shock and Awe Revisited
  31. The Final Exit of Worldwide Religion
  32. From Earthly Horrors to Celestial Hallelujahs
  33. Here Comes the King of Kings
  34. Turning the World Right-Side Up
  35. The Final Exit Interview
  36. Heaven at Last
  37. Open House at the Celestial City
  38. Heaven's Magnificent Negatives
  39. Compelling Words for a Confused Culture
  40. Come, Lord Jesus

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Revelation—Unveiling the End, Acts 1-3