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From Creation to Corruption, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Many scholars scoff at the thought that the world was created by God in six days. But this is exactly how Scripture reveals the beginning of the universe and of humankind. In fact, God’s creation of the first man and woman is one of the earliest truths recorded in the Bible. Regrettably, following directly on its heels is the sad account of Adam and Eve’s fall into sin. Four simple words say it all . . . from creation to corruption. Instead of obeying the clear warnings of their Creator, Adam and Eve deliberately and willfully chose to rebel. And we’ve been living with the consequences ever since—humanity is mentally confused, emotionally afraid, and spiritually dead. The good news, however, is that God didn’t abandon us in our rebellion. In mercy and grace, He provided the way out of our self-made mess—through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Genesis 1:26–28; 2:15–17; 3:6–13; Romans 3:9–18

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