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Behold the Man: The Pathway of His Passion, paperback

Chuck Swindoll

The pathway Jesus took to the cross of Calvary is commonly called “the Passion.” This sorrowful path weaved through soul-wrenching prayers and illicit deals made in shadowy darkness. It descended into corrupted courts bereft of justice and circled by prejudiced rulers stripped of power. On this pathway of His passion, Jesus paused for a torturous scourging and plodded on doggedly to a horrific death on a hillside called the Skull. But why?

In this incredible, historically accurate story, you will come face to face with Jesus—the Man of Sorrows. If you're honest, you'll find the amazing answer to why...and you'll change. When you stop long enough to look, to think, to imagine, and to truly behold the Man, you'll never be the same again.

112 pages

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