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Great Days with the Great Lives, paperback devotional

Chuck Swindoll

If you could spend one-on-one time with any of the biblical icons, who would you choose? Would you select Elijah to teach you how to be uncompromisingly strong, yet self-controlled? Or would you choose Esther to give you an example of what to do when there's no way out? How about letting Joseph's story challenge you to have a positive, faith-filled attitude when you stand nose-to-nose with broken dreams?

The courageous stories of these great lives will help you kindle anew your personal conviction and commitment to turning the world upside down for Christ in your generation! Start your mornings with daily insights from some of the extraordinary men and women of the Bible. Each day offers a Scripture reference and devotional thought that will inspire you to pursue your divine mission with unflinching resolve.

376 pages

3 copies available. The product may be placed on backorder.