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A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider, paperback

An inspiring collection of more than 50 true stories, fictional short stories, and poems by 37 writers whose work is distinguished by honesty and vulnerability, combined with encouragement and hope.

More than 40,000 paperback copies of this book are in circulation in Canada!

A few of the stories that will impact you:

  • A husband and wife whose marriage has disintegrated learn to value each other
  • A mother of four discovers, on her 31st birthday, that she has cancer
  • God uses a rickety old stepladder to transform a broken heart
  • A young woman is forced to re-evaluate her life after a stroke stops her in her tracks
  • A woman faces tragedy when her three-year-old son is diagnosed with a rare gentic disorder
  • A daughter shares her evolving relationship with her parents, and realizes a life-changing lesson about love
  • A university student risks failing her course in order to help the younger sister
  • A frustrated mother of four children whispers, “Lord, give me patience!”—then falls on ice and breaks her back
  • A First Nations woman's life is changed forever when two of her children are taken away to residential school
  • Nightmares and emotional flashbacks beset a woman struggling to let go of deep emotional hurts

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